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National Association of Credit Management, Driving Results

NACM National Trade Credit Report

The name says it all, the National Trade Credit Report combines trade information from an exclusive member network across the country in to a single powerful report.

preview of the NACM National Trade Credit Report User Guide
There are choices to make when selecting a credit report to use for your business and each vendor selling credit reports has strengths and weaknesses. The NACM report was built for people who extend credit in wholesale supply and business trade. Our information tends to be more in line with the style of a consumer report in that we focus on tradelines and actual reported information. We only provide a report if there is actual data in the report, either trade lines or public records that reflects the subject's payment history.

Our pricing beats other commercial credit reporting products and the data we include in the report is both fresh and verifiable. By fresh, we mean each tradeline on the report includes a date column indicating "Reported By" showing a date the information was reported. In most cases trade data will be reported within the last 30 days as NACM members provide data to us monthly. By verifiable, it is possible to look up the source of the information and contact the NACM member company reporting the data. NACM offers the only business credit report that provides this level of transparency and accuracy, and we do this exclusively for our members.

Where does our credit information come from?

The information comes directly from members who provide their data to us monthly through electronic data contribution. Members share their data because they believe in good business practices, it benefits the member company and their customers, as a requirement of joining NACM, or from participating in an Industry Credit Group Meeting.

When speaking with other credit managers in your industry, ask the question "Which credit reporting agency do you report your A/R information to?" The answer you will get back most often is “We report our trade information to NACM”. That is why you need the NACM report

Benefits of data contribution

Members who contribute data receive additional benefits including:

  • Account Monitoring
  • Automated Credit Reference Service (details coming soon)
  • Discounted Credit Report Pricing

Pay only for the reports you use

No long-term contracts, pre-payment, or commiting to purchasing a number of credit reports in advance. We provide monthly billing for the reports you use.

Report Details

In addition to reviewing the NACM National Trade Credit Report brochure, the best way to see if our report is a good fit is to schedule a live online demonstration where we can highlight our special features and provide you with real life report examples. Please contact NACM to schedule a demonstration.

Information not included

Our report is intentionally designed for the purpose of sharing trade data from companies like yours. While we add additional information to enhance the report, we found it just as important to exclude certain types on information:

  • Self reported information.
  • Utilities including water, electricity, garbage and waste.
  • Filler data including items like magazine subscriptions.

NACM has the only credit report that includes (Florida) construction liens from unpaid contractor balances. Without that information all other reports are obsolete.

Antony Goddard, President, NACM South Atlantic

The data types listed above are considered fillers and may help an agency create an otherwise empty subject report, but the information can also be misleading. The items above are generally linked to credit cards or auto pay accounts and don't accurately reflect the extension of larger amounts of credit experienced within the wholesale trade industry.

  1. Group members who contribute their accounts receiveble data can skip the step of entering their aging figures manually each month. Data from electronic contributors is loaded in to the NACM National Trade Credit Report database which is used to generate the monthly credit book for Industry Credit Group Meetings.
  2. Part of Portfilio Risk Analysis dashboard

NACM South Atlantic

NACM LogoNACM provides support services, business credit information, and credit education. We feature exclusive productivity tools, NiTRO, for high volume Florida Notice to Owner customers, Portfolio Risk Analysis for managing accounts receivable risk, and RecordingFast™ for recording legal documents (construction liens, satisfactions, & notice of commencement)  electronically. NACM is a member owned organization providing customers with networking opportunities like industry credit group meetings, Credit Congress, and regional educations conferences. Members have exclusive access to the National Trade Credit Report and member only discounts on all services.

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