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Video Credit Group Meetings


The preferred options for participating in an NACM online group meeting include use of a webcam for video and a hands-free headset for voice. NACM may also provide a separate dial in number for calling in. If you do not have a webcam, you are still able to call in and participate (subject to group guidelines) in the industry credit group meeting. Following are suggestions for the best online meeting experience and tips on video etiquette

  1. Mute yourself when not speaking. #6 toggles mute and un-mute on our conference calls.
  2. If using iPhone or iPad you won't be able to make use of or see the chat box during the meeting.
  3. Join the meeting on time.
  4. Test your webcam and phone before the meeting starts.
  5. Wear work appropriate clothing.
  6. Frame your camera correctly, before the meeting starts.
  1. Have the right lighting. A small selfie light will make your picture sharp, clear, and professional looking.
  2. Look into the camera when speaking.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings; dogs barking, music, construction noise, are heard by the entire group.
  4. Don't place the call on hold. Hold music and sales messages will drown out the conference call.
  1. Make use of a hands-free headset when possible. Speaker phones allow for background noise and echoes.
  2. Use of a land line over wireless (cell) is preferred for quality.
  3. Don’t hold your camera in your hands. Constant movement becomes distracting to the entire group.

We have noticed some cell phones are not rotating their display automatically when used as a webcam. For those instances the following positioning may help:
Correct Placement
Incorrect Placement
correct phone position
correct phone position

Q. Does it matter what I wear?
A. Yes! Besides being professional looking for the meeting, shirts / tops with small patterns appear very blurry on a webcam. Preferred options are solid colors and large print patterns.
Q. What if I don’t have a webcam?
A. At the time we are writing these instructions webcams are in short supply. Both Logitech and Microsoft make good quality webcams but due to Covid 19 and employees working from home there are very few options available until supplies are replenished. If you are using a laptop see if there is a built-in camera.
Q. Can I test the video conference software in advance?
A. Yes, when you get a meeting invitation there should be a link to try or in some cases download the software in advance. Please don’t wait until the last minute when the meeting is about to start.
Q. Can I use my cell phone as a webcam?
A. Yes, we are currently using several different meeting platforms, Zoom and GoToMeeting, that work on cell phone as well as PC’s. Although you won’t have the benefit of seeing everyone else on a large screen you will still be able to see others on a smaller scale.
Q. During the meeting, is it more important to view other attendee’s or view documents being discussed (group meeting credit book)
A. We have the ability to display both, but through member feedback we have learned each user likes having their printed material for notes and prefers the entire display be used for webcams. It is easier to follow a conversation when you are looking at other participants on screen.

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