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National Association of Credit Management, Driving Results

Florida Notice to Owner

NACM South Atlantic is your your best choice for preparing Florida Notice to Owner letters. We offer fast processing times, expert support, and an experienced staff always available to help you.

The benefits of NACM preparing your Notice to Owner

Our service involves more than simply preparing a document to go in the mail. NACM ensures every step of the process is perfected. Our team of research and processing experts has the ability to search for Notice of Commencement, Property Record, and other public records with advanced search capabilities not available on county public access websites.

While others try to keep up with the laws regarding lien and bonds, NACM is actively involved in leading legislation to improve and update the Florida Construction Lien Law through our lobbying efforts and expert NTO user committee, the Florida Improved Construction Practices Committee (Florida ICPC). We don't simply keep up with changes, we are directly involved with making the changes to improve the lien law.

Members receive web access with advanced management features in addition to discounted NTO service rates. We have built an excellent reputation based on the quality of our work. NACM performs the research required to include the necessary information and all of the required parties on your Notice to Owner. We make phone calls when needed, ask the right questions, and handle every step of the process.

The NACM Advantage:

  • NTO's available online for easy access
  • Prepare lien related forms in seconds using our online tools.
    • Partial & Final Waiver
    • Conditional Partial & Final Waiver
    • Claim of Lien
    • Satisfaction of Claim of Lien
    • Demand for Sworn Statement to Owner
    • Sworn Statement of Account
    • Notice of Nonpayment (NNP)
  • Members have exclusive access to our RecordingFast service
  • NACM processing facility equipped with backup emergency generator
  • All mail equipment has a redundant backup
  • NTO dashboard identifies jobs as Private, Leasehold Interest, or Bonded
  • Additional option of adding Leasehold Interest letter to NTO's
  • Request NTO's Online or contact us for high volume options
  • We utilize a certified mail log which reduces postage expense for you

Prepare Lien Waivers and Related forms in seconds

Our system gives you the availability to quickly prepare a perfectly formatted statutory lien waivers in seconds (18 seconds for a Partial Waiver in the demo.) From a partial waiver all the way to a Claim of Lien, fill in a few fields and all existing data like your legal description and job address are merged in to the form. No need for you to copy and paste or re-key information in to Word or PDF documents.

We keep up to date with all changes in the Florida Statutes so you never have to worry about outdated forms and language.

Florida Notice to Owner pricing

We offer options from processing single Notice to Owner (NTO) request up to hundreds per week. The methods to request NTO's can be a single online entry and we also have options for bulk data import and our NTO Request dashboard, NiTRO which makes selecting and managing NTO's as easy as a few mouse clicks.

Plan Type Details Price
Notice to Owner Membership1 Annual membership fee, best option for more than 16 NTO's per year $260.00
Member NTO Price each Plus postage, plus .10¢ per item mailed. Includes web access & forms management dashboard $30.00
Non-Member NTO Price each Flat Rate, includes all postage, paid at time of NTO request $65.00

The Notice to Owner Membership1 option is best for users requesting 16 or more NTO's per year, or for those needing help with creating forms like lien waivers, or a claim of lien.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Our goal is to be a resource you can trust and service provider for life. We encourage those interested in becoming a member to schedule an online demo of our system before joining. In 15 minutes, we can step you through the online process for requesting a NTO, creating forms, and viewing additional data collected while preparing the NTO. Membership comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and if you are not happy with the membership simply let us know in 60 days and your membership fee will promptly be refunded.

NTO's are going out in a very timely manner & the best part, I have had more time to concentrate on my other responsibilities with your team doing all the researching for me. I love it! :-)

Allied Building Products

  1. The Notice to Owner Membership provides benefits and discounts for Notice to Owner services only. NTO membership does not provide access to credit reporting or NACM National membership.

NACM South Atlantic

NACM LogoNACM provides support services, business credit information, and credit education. We feature exclusive productivity tools, NiTRO, for high volume Florida Notice to Owner customers, Portfolio Risk Analysis for managing accounts receivable risk, and RecordingFast™ for recording legal documents (construction liens, satisfactions, & notice of commencement)  electronically. NACM is a member owned organization providing customers with networking opportunities like industry credit group meetings, Credit Congress, and regional educations conferences. Members have exclusive access to the National Trade Credit Report and member only discounts on all services.

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Florida Small Claims Court Limits raised to $8,000.00 for 2020 and the details are available at the following link. Details Here
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