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National Association of Credit Management, Driving Results

Florida Contractor Licensing Credit Report

If you landed here there is a good chance you are applying for or renewing your contractor license with the State of Florida DBPR.2 We can help you with the business credit report, the personal credit report, or both reports quickly and accurately with our secure online process.

Report Type Details (we try for same day service when possible) Price
Business Credit Report Processing Time 24 - 48 hours $45.00
Personal Credit Report Processing Time 24 - 48 hours $40.00
Both Business & Personal Reports Processing Time 24 - 48 hours $85.00
Rush Request Expedited service, less than 24 hours $20.00

Fast accurate service

We are credit reporting experts and we process the Florida Contractor Licensing Credit Reports daily. We have experience dealing with the State of Florida and County boards and will meet their requirements to your satisfaction.

  • Same day service available.
  • DBPR and CILB approved credit reporting agency
  • Personalized service with experienced customer support
  • Business credit reports and consumer credit reports are available
  • Secure online process



Experts you can rely on

We understand that your personal credit report needs to meet the FICO 660 score requirements. We will contact you directly if your credit score does not meet the 660 requirements before submitting your credit report to the DBPR or County Licensing Board. The required statement that "A search of Public Records have been performed at the Local, County, State and Federal levels" will be included in the credit reports.

We are the experts at preparing credit reporting packages but there may be times when you need more help. We are happy to recommend The R. Bruce Kershner Company to provide assistance in filling out and submitting Florida construction licensing applications and probation packets. For more information, please contact them directly at (407) 830-1882 or visit their website at

Can I get a copy of my personal credit report?

We are unable to provide you with a copy of your personal Credit Report because there are federal rules dealing with confidentiality, protecting personal information, and credit bureau restrictions on re-selling personal credit report information. We are allowed to provide your personal report directly to a government agency only for licensing and compliance. For these reasons we are unable to pass along a copy of your personal credit report directly to you. However, there are options available for you to get your personal credit report and credit scores at no charge. While the state of Florida will not accept a copy of a credit report that comes from you (the reports need to come directly from NACM South Atlantic), the following methods will help you find out all of the information contained in your personal credit report.

  • Credit Karma does a very nice job of providing your score for free as well as guidance on what factors affect your score, and their service is entirely free.
  • Annual Credit is the only official site where you can review your credit report directly from each of the three major consumer reporting credit bureaus.

Commonly asked questions:


Q. Do I receive a copy of my Business Credit Report?
A. Yes, NACM South Atlantic will email you a copy of your Business Credit Report.
Q. Does my business need to be active with Florida Secretary of State before I submit my Credit Reports?
A. Yes, under most circumstances, but we suggest you contact the DBPR directly with any questions regarding qualifications.
Q. Do I receive a copy of my Personal Report?
A. No, due to credit reporting guidelines we are prohibited from releasing your personal report directly to you. We send your personal report directly to the DBPR.
Q. Do I need to send my application to the DBPR before my Credit Reports are sent?
A. No, once the application is received the processor will link the Credit Reports with the application.
Q. Will you contact me with my FICO score?
A. If your Credit Score is over their required 660 criteria, we do NOT contact you directly unless you request it. We will contact you if your score is below the 660 criteria requirements before we submit it to the DBPR. We include you FICO score by email along with your Thank You letter.
Q. How long should I wait before requesting a new Personal Report to see if my score has changed?
A. It may take 30 to 60 days to go through the billing cycle before any changes are reported on your Credit report. However, we suggest signing up with a free service like Credit Karma which can suggest specific steps to improving your credit score.
Q. What is the phone number to the DBPR?
A. Phone (850) 487-1395
Q. What Credit Reporting Agency do you use for requesting my Personal Report?
A. TransUnion


  1. Applies to applicants that have been fully researched using the NACM South Atlantic National Trade Credit Report with public records checked at local, county, state, and federal level.
  2. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) requires that an applicant for a Certified Contractors license in Florida provide both a commercial credit report and consumer credit report in order to be licensed.

Start your request now or contact the NACM team for additional information.

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