National Association of Credit Management, Driving Results


National Association of Credit Management, Driving Results

Commercial Collection Service

We specialize in business to business transactions. Our clients represent wholesale construction supply, food service industry, advertising, manufacturing, equipment rental, and pharmaceutical industries, just to name a few.

A better way to get paid

Scrabble game image with letters NACM Collects The collection service we offer is only one part of our business as a member owned organization and that has given us the opportunity to find out what our customer really need in the collection process besides the basic requirement of being able to collect. Based on our member feedback and years of industry experience, we implemented a simple business process and hired the right people to handle collections the way our members asked. The comments we collected: "we shouldn't have a hard time getting paid from a collection agency", "don't take your fee out of the amount collected, pass along the payments promptly" and "don't use a complicated fee schedule". We listened.

Most collection agencies can hire someone straight off the street and hand them a script to start making collection calls. We don't use scripts and we don't use a series of form letters. Our employees are dedicated, professional, and our team is located right here in the USA in our Orlando, Florida office.

NACM South Atlantic collection service

Our simple structure

  • A flat rate 21% contingency fee is charged on all amounts collected which includes any amount sent to us or directly to you during the collection process
  • We don't deduct fees from amounts collected. If we collect $1,000.00 for you, we send you a check for $1,000.00 and mail you a separate invoice for our fee at month end. (your accounting department will love us for that!)
  • Checks are issued three (3) times a month to get you paid quickly
  • We make it easy to do business, no hassles, no gimmicks
  • Stability - NACM Founded in 1896
  • 10 day Free Demand Letter for NACM Members
  • Professional & Ethical Collection Practice
  • Effective Collection Techniques

What collection methods does NACM use?

There are collection secrets in our process but we can share a few basic steps.

  • We start off with a demand letter
  • Follow up with personal customer contact through phone, email, or text message if necessary
  • If not resolved right away then we begin in depth research on the subject which may include:
    • Lexis Nexis background and other asset reports
    • Officer research with division of corporations
    • A search of public records at the county, state, and federal level
    • NACM's internal database of aggregated data from state and federal sources
    • Business credit reports, especially the NACM National Trade Credit Report
    • Personal credit reports if a personal guaranty exists
  • If skip tracing is needed we also set up a standing nightly Google Alert which notifies us any time the subject name appears on the internet in a new article or searchable public record
  • Phone calls and prompt follow up on all deadlines, commitments, and internal scheduled follow up are part of our process
  • NACM is also the only collection agency that is a credit reporting agency, which gives us yet another edge in the collection process

We do NOT rely on a series of demand letters or templates. After the initial demand letter, we are looking for additional information that aids our discussion with the debtor. (We really can't disclose more on this topic). Anyone can send a series letters, but our success is based on personal follow up along with information that other people may not have.

Can you add collection fees to the amount being collected?

Scrabble game image with letters NACM Collects Yes, if you instruct us to add the collection fee and your credit application has the proper language then we will add the fee to the total amount being collected. However, our commission rate remains unchanged, with or without fees, we still charge 21% of all amounts collected.

There is a wrong way and a right way to calculate the collection fees to add. Most credit applications include a phrase where your customer has agreed to "pay the cost of collections" if they default. Following the example below we demonstrate how to correctly calculate the cost of collections

If we charge a 21% fee on all amounts collected, then to calculate the correct fee to add, don't multiply the amount by 1.21. Instead you should divide the total collection amount owed by .79.

Wrong Way Example: Amount of $1,000.00 placed for collection X 1.21 = $1,210.00. When we collect and charge 21%, you end up with $955.90. You are short $44.10 from collecting your account in full.

Right Way Example: Amount of $1,000.00 placed for collection ÷ .79 = $1,265.82. When we collect and charge 21%, you end up with $1,000.00

Download the collection account placement form to get started or contact the NACM team with your questions.

NACM South Atlantic

NACM LogoNACM provides support services, business credit information, and credit education. We feature exclusive productivity tools, NiTRO, for high volume Florida Notice to Owner customers, Portfolio Risk Analysis for managing accounts receivable risk, and RecordingFast™ for recording legal documents (construction liens, satisfactions, & notice of commencement)  electronically. NACM is a member owned organization providing customers with networking opportunities like industry credit group meetings, Credit Congress, and regional educations conferences. Members have exclusive access to the National Trade Credit Report and member only discounts on all services.

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