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Recording Fast simplifies the process of recording your legal document at the county clerk, recording department, courthouse, or register of deeds office in participating county and state offices through a process called eRecording or electronic document recording.

NACM South Atlantic correctly calculates the county fees for you and checks your document to verify it meets basic formatting specifications required by the county office before submitting the document to be recorded. Without leaving your office you can scan and email your document to us for priority handling.

Did you know...
  • A clerk will return a document if the correct fee is not included?
  • Government agencies have specific formatting requirements?
  • There are readability guidelines for recorded documents?
  • There is no recourse if you miss a filing deadline?
Did you want to...
  • Wait for a rejected document in the mail?
  • Drive and wait in line at the clerks office?
  • Pay for overnight delivery when you can have a document recorded in few hours?
  • Get paid faster?

With our service you promptly get notified of errors that would cause a rejection and are given the opportunity to correct the document which eliminates recording delays due to errors. Our process gets your legal document recorded in hours, not days or weeks, for about the same price as overnight delivery.

Our customers say it all...

"I can't believe how much time we have saved with Recording Fast's reliable e-recording services. Within minutes, we had a confirmation!"
Frank Alfonso / Credit Manager, R.S. Elliot

"Recently I needed to record a lien at the last minute. I e-mailed a copy of the lien at 8:39am and by 10:10am, had received a copy of the recorded lien by return e-mail. For the hurried credit manager who is required to do more with less in today's challenging environment, this is a very efficient and cost effective innovation and I recommend it highly."
Tom Long, CCE /Credit Manager, MSC Waterworks

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this service. It saves me so much time and aggravation. Thank you so much!
Kim Hardy / Credit Supervisor, Gemaire Distributors

"My first e-Recording experience was excellent. I will definitely be using this service more…"
J. Michael Wright, CBA / Corporate Credit Manager, A&M Supply

“OMG!! I can’t believe how fast that was. I love this way of filing liens.”
Ellen Ferring, Credit Services Assistant, World Electric Supply

Recording Fast reduces the time it takes to record a legal document with a county clerk or parish recording office and allows your office to use limited resources and personnel more efficiently. For more information on NACM’s Recording Fast Service, contact us today.

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