Florida Notice
to Owner

Florida Notice to Owner

In Florida, anyone who supplies labor, services or materials to a contractor for a construction project must serve a Notice to Owner in order to establish their lien rights. That's why NACM South Atlantic offers everything you need when it comes to your Florida Notice to Owner procedures.

Below is a brief description of the Florida Notice to Owner process:

The Notice to Owner must be served within 45 days from the first day of working on the project or supplying materials (or within 45 days of beginning fabrication on specially fabricated materials). It must be sent by certified mail to the owner of the property and general contractor, as well as any other parties involved.

Serving a notice to owner accurately and timely will immediately establish your lien rights. If you serve a Notice to Owner and do not get paid for your services or materials, you have the right to file a Claim of Lien against the property improved. If you supply labor, services or materials to a contractor on a job but don't do a Notice to Owner and end up not getting paid, you are out of luck and In Florida you cannot file a Claim of Lien on a property without having first served a Notice to Owner.

Simply stated, properly filing a notice to owner can help you get paid. By sending a notice to owner out, you are legally notifying the owner of the property that you are providing materials or doing work on their project and they need to make certain you get compensated. Once the owner has received your notice to owner, it is their responsibility to make sure payments made on the project are used to pay all suppliers and subcontractors that have properly filed a notice to owner on their project. They must apply for a waiver of lien stating that you have been paid before each payment they make to the contractor. In the event you don't get paid and have properly complied with the law, you can place a lien on the property and may eventually force foreclosure to obtain payment.

(The Florida Notice to Owner process described is a brief description and should not be relied upon without consulting an attorney.)

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