Industry Credit Group Meetings

Industry Credit Group Meetings

NACM South Atlantic is the leading sponsor of Industry Credit Group Meetings, currently hosting 43 credit groups in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Industry Credit Group Meetings offer the highest level of networking and cooperation between credit professionals in a legally compliant monitored environment with industry credit managers meeting monthly to discuss credit reports and high exposure credit accounts.

Industry Credit Group Meetings are the most valuable tool for professional credit managers. Participation in meetings help you avoid bad debt, improve A/R aging, reduce DSO, and gain industry knowledge from like minded professionals.

NACM’s exclusive industry meetings include:

  • Electric Wholesale
  • National Floral
  • Building Materials & Specialties
  • Wholesale, Food, Produce, Paper & Restaurants
  • Wholesale Plastics & Finishes
  • Refrigeration & Welding Supplies
  • Banking, Builders & Lenders

You can obtain timely information to reduce credit risk and make your company money. Find out about fraud before your company gets hit! Learn about trends specific to your industry, changes to the law, and proven techniques that work.

Concerned about the cost? Studies have shown that members participating in a credit group are getting a 50 fold return on investment (ROI)! Download the complete article on industry credit group meetings industry credit group meetings to see all of the value that participation can bring you.

NACM South Atlantic Calendar of Events

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