Bulk Public Records(National Bankruptcy Data)

Bulk Public Records (National Bankruptcy Data)

NACM South Atlantic is a provider of local and national public records data for our own National Trade Credit Report.

Our specialized servers accurately gather data from the Pacer Federal Court System and deliver the information to your company in a format designed to meet your requirements. All data is directly transferred to our SQL servers where we can export the data for any date range and type of data request made.

NACM can design data reports to your specifications that include custom layout, sorting, grouping, and details that meet even the most demanding requirements. Options for PDF format, Word, TIFF and many other formats can be accommodated.

Looking for more information besides bankruptcy data? We also offer a National Business Credit Report providing trade lines, liens, judgments and corporate information and custom generated reports are also available. For more information on the Bulk Public Records (bankruptcy data), contact us today.

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