Florida Contractor License Credit Report

Florida Contractor License Credit Report

The Florida DBPR requires that an applicant for a Certified Contractors license in Florida provide both a commercial credit report and consumer credit report in order to be licensed. NACM can prepare the Florida Contractor License Credit Report package for you.

NACM is an approved credit reporting agency that meets the criteria listed in 61G4-12.011(12), Florida Administrative Code, NACM South Atlantic is one of the very few who actually maintain our own commercial credit reporting database, aiding in complete simplification of this process.

Don’t risk having your contractor license credit report being delayed by going anywhere else. Come to the experts in credit and rely on NACM!

  • Same day service available.
  • DBPR and CLIB approved credit reporting agency.
  • Personalized service with experienced customer support.
  • Business credit reports and consumer credit reports are available.
  • Secure online process.

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Q. Do I receive a copy of my Business Credit Report?
A. Yes, NACM South Atlantic will email you a copy of your Business Credit Report.

Q. Does my business need to be active with Florida Secretary of State before I submit my Credit Reports?
A. Yes, under most circumstances, but we suggest you contact the DBPR directly with any questions regarding qualifications.

Q. Do I receive a copy of my Personal Report?
A. No, due to credit reporting guidelines we are prohibited from releaseing your personal report directly to you. We send your personal report directly to the DBPR.

Q. Do I need to send my application to the DBPR before my Credit Reports are sent?
A. No, once the application is received the processor will link the Credit Reports with the application.

Q. Will you contact me with my FICO score?
A. If your Credit Score is over their required 660 criteria we do NOT contact you directly unless you request it. We will contact you if your score is below the 660 criteria requirement before we submit it to the DBPR. We include you FICO score by email along with your Thank You letter.

Q. How long should I wait before requesting a new Personal Report to see if my score has changed?
A. It may take 30 to 60 days to go through the billing cycle before any changes are reported on your Credit report. However, we suggest signing up with a free service like Credit Karma which can suggest specific steps to improving your credit score.

Q. What is the phone number to the DBPR?
A. (850) 487-1395

Q. What Credit Reporting Agency do you use for requesting my Personal Report?
A. TransUnion
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