Florida Legislative Activities

Florida Legislative Activities

The Improved Construction Practices Committee (ICPC) is a committee comprised of members from the two Florida-based NACM groups, SACM, and NACM Tampa. The committee meets at least quarterly to discuss legislative and legal issues affecting Florida's construction and credit industries, and to formulate positions on issues and a proactive legislative agenda. Our primary purpose is to promote good, sound and equitable legislation, as it pertains to the Notice to Owner, construction and credit industries.

The ICPC takes the lead on issues relating to notice to owner, payment, construction liens, and payment bonds, defeating legislation that would have significantly weakened these laws and passing legislation that addresses court decisions and other matters affecting the industry. Through the efforts of the ICPC and our lobbying team, substantial improvements are made to our state laws.

Formed more than a decade ago to advocate for Florida's construction material supply industry, the ICPC has taken the lead on construction credit issues with passage of important reforms affecting construction liens, construction bonds, court procedures, judgment liens and general credit issues. Protect the interests of the construction credit industry by being active, informed and aware.

Follow our recent Florida legislative activities listed below and check out our BLOG :

Pre Session Report 02-26-2013

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