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About NACM

The National Association of Credit Management South Atlantic is a member-owned credit services company providing Commercial Credit Reports, Florida Notice to Owner Services, Commercial Collections, Industry Credit Group Meetings, and Recording Fast Electronic Document Recording service.

Serving businesses nationwide with complete credit management solutions, we are part of the National Association of Credit Management that offers education through mediums, such as the annual NACM Credit Congress, the Business Credit Magazine and lobbying efforts at a state and national level. With strong core values and strategic objectives, NACM affiliates across the United States are member-owned and governed by a board of directors represented by the membership.

NACM's corporate roots can be traced back to 1926, and our bylaws contain the purpose for which we were formed:

  • To combine the ideas, intelligence, and experience of its members for the education, protection and advancement of their professional interests
  • To promote the establishment and maintenance of honesty and fair dealings in credit transactions
  • To foster and facilitate the exchange of credit information in an ethical and legal manner
  • To disseminate useful and instructive information with respect to the technique of credit granting
  • To promote economy and efficiency in the collection of commercial accounts
  • To combine the efforts of its members to deter schemes involving commercial fraud in credit transactions
  • To foster and encourage research in the field of credit
  • To encourage training in the credit profession through colleges, universities, correspondence courses, and other means
  • To maintain at all times, the diligence necessary to assure a legislative climate congenial to sound credit

NACM is a leading provider of credit education and resources for credit managers and business owners. For more information on NACM South Atlantic and how we can help, contact us today.

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